A weekend at home rocks!

My grandma used to visit an old lady in the neighborhood. She helped her to eat, to put on her clothes, to wash herself and so many other things that needed to be done in her household. In summer they would sit in the garden and knit.
When this woman died, my grandma got all her knitting stuff, so many sock needles and also some leftover yarn. I convinced her to start knitting socks for she never learned it when she was younger. One of her friends helped her and now she's producing socks for the whole family :D
And that's where I got this blue sock yarn from...

I always dreamed of a lacy stole but since blue isn't my color but mom's, I decided to make her this easy one... I hope she'll enjoy :)

I enjoy the time at home very much. It's great to breathe, smell and see the nature around our little house. All the fields, the pretty green grass, the trees, the delicious fruits in the garden... I love it. Every weekend I spend home at my parent's is like a little vacation trip...

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