Photos rock! #1

I don't know how about you but I love photography.

My mom gave me this little Fisherprice Camera for kids when I was 4 or 5 years old. It had two view finders and two grips and you needed those way too expensive roll films. But my mom let me develop one film per month and I was pretty happy with that. I should look for the pictures taken back then urgently. I took photos of people without heads, cars, cats, flowers without blossom, just the leaves, of clouds and stones. I had a wonderful time.

Later I got a normal analog camera in a special girl design: red and white. And I had a colorful bag for it. I was the first one on our class trips who always took pictures of my friends and the places we went to.

And my first digital camera was a Kodak Z730. You could choose between different aperture options, ISO and exposition options. I loved it and also the pictures I took with it. Like this one.

Rome 2007

I really used it a lot and tried every option, read much about photography, joined forums and surfed inspiring blogs. My photography became more ambitious. And sooner or later it was time for a new camera with more options. I saved my money for 2 long years, working a lot. A new camera was more important to me than a driver's licence!
And someday I could buy it - the Canon 450D. What a wonderful day! Finally I could make all the photo-decisions myself!!! I'm still very, very happy about my choice and I love this camera so much...

BTW: You can find more of my pictures on DeviantArt!

I decided to show you more of my photography from time to time, explaining how I did it and sharing some experiences with you. I'm better at photography than at crafting and I learned so much about your crafting world, I think it's time to support you with what I can do best :)

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