Life's colourful! #1

Have I ever mentioned, I love love loooove colours? There are so many beautiful colours in this world. I thought about starting a series about my favourite colours and combinations.

Combinating colours is so important for your creative projects. You can be a genius knitter but if you use the "wrong" (it's a matter of taste, of course!) colours, it doesn't look good. I know that there are rules for using colours and each has a special meaning, produces a certain reaction in people, ... I'm really curious about exploring this whole new world and share it with you :)

My favourite colour for the moment is green.


I called this one "spring green" because it's so fresh and a bit surprising. If you look at it for longer you can see the yellow and with it something activating. I'd love to colour the wall of my bedroom like this... :)

For all the colourlovers out there: Did you know...?

It's a community for all the colour fanatics around the world. You can create and share colors and palettes and, which is most fun: patterns. You should give it a try :) Add me as, surprise!, tofutrulla.

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