Blue seems to rock!

I've planned to cast on this scarf in the linen stitch for so long time...
You can find various patterns for it in the internet - I mean, it's only a special way of knitting, nothing really pattern-like. Still there are people who want you to pay. Sure, they invested time and work in writing down how it all works - but they didn't really invent the stitch and you can learn it for free everywhere else.
I really like the free pattern of Sarah who called it the "Mini Mania Scarf" (Ravelry) because of all the mini skeins of yarn scraps you can use for it. An absolutely perfect destashing project :D

I chose to use only one kind of yarn. A no-name one which I bought pretty cheap at Woolworth. It's 100% acrylic which I normally hate - I'm into organic stuff, I have to admit - but it was really soft so that I thought I'd give it a try.

Casting on the 550 stitches was necessary but definitely not the fun part of the scarf... And I sometimes mess up with the stitches because I don't concentrate enough. BUT: I think it'll look nice, so of course I'll continue :)

PS: Yep, I really begin to love blue!

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