Birthday crafting.... hmm... rocks?!

Today's my best friend's birthday. And when do I start crafting? Today. Yep, time management...

Well, at least I already bought the fabrics for this project a month ago. Though I'm not sure whether this will work... My first big sewing project. (At this point you sewing pros may laugh.... "big" project... ;) ).

Color by COLOURlover  

These are the colors I chose - and they're Astrid's faves. She has like a ton of accessoires in yellow and purple. 
(I still couldn't take a picture of the finished tote for her... Sorry :( )

Before I started with the "good" fabrics I especially bought, I tried this one for myself with old fabric I had found on our attic. I'm not quite satisfied... - but love the fabric anyway :D

Those 70's colours make me happy =)

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