Summer rocks... :/

Just wanted to show you how summer looks in Northern Germany this year...

Ich wollte euch nur mal eben zeigen, wie der diesjährige Sommer in Norddeutschland aussieht...


What's wrong with this world?!

The pictures and reports from Norway leave me speechless. My thoughts are with the victims, their families and friends. 

Ich bin sprachlos ob der Bilder und Berichte, die wir aus Norwegen erhalten. Meine Gedanken sind bei den Opfern, ihren Familien und Freunden.

Winter Waves ... in summer?!

Für meine liebe Lea, die nicht so gut Englisch kann, schreib ich auch gern auf Deutsch weiter :)

I finally took a picture of the Winter Waves Beanie I finished 2 weeks ago. 
Ich hab endlich mal ein Foto von der Winter Waves Mütze machen können, die ich schon vor 2 Wochen fertiggehäkelt hatte...

Oh my... freckles -.-
Man fragt sich ja, wo der Sommer bleibt.... Ich wohne nun schon im hohen Norden, im Land zwischen Nord- und Ostsee, am Meer, aber irgendwie kommt keine Sommerstimmung auf, wenn man rausguckt und es dauernd regnet. Dass es nicht so warm ist, find ich super. Ich würd lieber frieren und mich dicker anziehen als Hitzewallungen zu haben und mich nicht weiter ausziehen zu können :D Deswegen bin ich wohl auch eher so'n Herbst- bzw. Frühlingstyp... :/ Ich glaub, nachher schmeißen wir mal den Kamin an. (Im JULI!!!!)

Where's the summer?! I live in Northern Germany, just between the North and the Baltic Sea, at the seaside! But somehow it doesn't feel like summer at all. When I look outside everything is grey and rainy. I don't mind the low temperatures (12°C). I'm more the fall or spring type. I'd rather wear more and warmer clothes than not being able to take off more clothes because it's so hot. :/ I think we'll fire our fireplace :) (IN JULY!!!!)


Little selfmade gifts rock!

I got this cute little handmade felt-bag for Christmas. The girlfriend of a good friend of mine made it for me - and I didn't even have a gift for her in return! :(

But isn't this supercute? I added a button to it so that I could use it without losing the little things I would put in there =)

I really love handmade little gifts... and I'm very proud to own this little treasure!

Just wanted to share with you - have a sunshiny day everybody =)


Photos rock! #1

I don't know how about you but I love photography.

My mom gave me this little Fisherprice Camera for kids when I was 4 or 5 years old. It had two view finders and two grips and you needed those way too expensive roll films. But my mom let me develop one film per month and I was pretty happy with that. I should look for the pictures taken back then urgently. I took photos of people without heads, cars, cats, flowers without blossom, just the leaves, of clouds and stones. I had a wonderful time.

Later I got a normal analog camera in a special girl design: red and white. And I had a colorful bag for it. I was the first one on our class trips who always took pictures of my friends and the places we went to.

And my first digital camera was a Kodak Z730. You could choose between different aperture options, ISO and exposition options. I loved it and also the pictures I took with it. Like this one.

Rome 2007

I really used it a lot and tried every option, read much about photography, joined forums and surfed inspiring blogs. My photography became more ambitious. And sooner or later it was time for a new camera with more options. I saved my money for 2 long years, working a lot. A new camera was more important to me than a driver's licence!
And someday I could buy it - the Canon 450D. What a wonderful day! Finally I could make all the photo-decisions myself!!! I'm still very, very happy about my choice and I love this camera so much...

BTW: You can find more of my pictures on DeviantArt!

I decided to show you more of my photography from time to time, explaining how I did it and sharing some experiences with you. I'm better at photography than at crafting and I learned so much about your crafting world, I think it's time to support you with what I can do best :)


Winter Waves Beanie

Yes, it's summer. Yes, in Northern Germany as well. Yes, it's hot. Yes, I'm making winter stuff anyway!

Winter Waves Beanie

This is my second try with the Brain Waves Beanie pattern.

I used a size 6 hook now but still had to repeat the waves more often than in the pattern. But that doesn't really matter. I love the result, and the colours as well. I never ever ever wear anything in pink but this combination is great! :)


Birthday crafting.... hmm... rocks?!

Today's my best friend's birthday. And when do I start crafting? Today. Yep, time management...

Well, at least I already bought the fabrics for this project a month ago. Though I'm not sure whether this will work... My first big sewing project. (At this point you sewing pros may laugh.... "big" project... ;) ).

Color by COLOURlover  

These are the colors I chose - and they're Astrid's faves. She has like a ton of accessoires in yellow and purple. 
(I still couldn't take a picture of the finished tote for her... Sorry :( )

Before I started with the "good" fabrics I especially bought, I tried this one for myself with old fabric I had found on our attic. I'm not quite satisfied... - but love the fabric anyway :D

Those 70's colours make me happy =)


Blue seems to rock!

I've planned to cast on this scarf in the linen stitch for so long time...
You can find various patterns for it in the internet - I mean, it's only a special way of knitting, nothing really pattern-like. Still there are people who want you to pay. Sure, they invested time and work in writing down how it all works - but they didn't really invent the stitch and you can learn it for free everywhere else.
I really like the free pattern of Sarah who called it the "Mini Mania Scarf" (Ravelry) because of all the mini skeins of yarn scraps you can use for it. An absolutely perfect destashing project :D

I chose to use only one kind of yarn. A no-name one which I bought pretty cheap at Woolworth. It's 100% acrylic which I normally hate - I'm into organic stuff, I have to admit - but it was really soft so that I thought I'd give it a try.

Casting on the 550 stitches was necessary but definitely not the fun part of the scarf... And I sometimes mess up with the stitches because I don't concentrate enough. BUT: I think it'll look nice, so of course I'll continue :)

PS: Yep, I really begin to love blue!


Life's colorful #5

Who can sail without wind?
Who can row without oars?
Who can leave a best friend behind
without tears a-falling?

[A Swedish Traditional - Vem kan segla förutan vind]



Life's colourful #4

Hmm... Today was a shopping day. I saw many beautiful dresses (that, of course, all look awful when I wear them... :( ) and fell in love with this color.

Color by COLOURlovers

It's so feminine. I'd really like to have a blouse in this colour - and matching shoes :)

Tomorrow will be my best friend's Midsummernight's dream party. I really don't want to come... I love partys and of course I love my best friend - but I simply couldn't find something beautiful to wear which makes me pretty sad...

PS: Have you seen the weaving-in-ends-workshop over at the Purlbee?

No yarn till Christmas

My family's right. I spend too much money on things like yarn, spindles, fibers, beads, fabrics, hooks, needles, ... Other women at my age buy make up, clothes, go on vacation. And if I find a new pattern I have to try out, I go buy new yarn. Or I dream about my very own yarn and buy 2 kg of different fibers though my spinning skills are not even close "good".

So.... I won't buy new yarn until I used every single skein in my drawer. It's not that I have a stash with 30948320938042 different colors, qualities, labels, ... but still.

No new yarn till Christmas.

(but fabric is allowed. HAHA!!! :D)



Life is colorful! #3

I can't stop browsing all those beautiful colors, palettes and patterns over at colourlovers. I can spend hours there... So inspiring! And I love the idea of an internet community only about colors! This is great...


Color by COLOURlovers

Those are the colors that fascinate me the most at the moment. In the small thumb nail you cannot explore the small amount of blue I inserted. I'm really into blue these days...

Anyway, you know what I love most about this city? It isn't the fact that I have a short way to university or that I live next to the main shopping street. And though I like being with my old friends from school, this isn't the most important to me. It is living at the sea. There's no greater feeling than the freedom you feel facing the ocean. You forget everything. Everything, everything. And there's just you and the incredible forces of water. And it has so many different faces! It can be beautifully blue but also nasty grey. When it rains, it rains double. Sometimes you cannot even walk because it's so stormy. And where ever you are in this city - you hear the sea gulls everywhere. This is like vacation. I love, love, love this place and I'm happy to be able to study here....

This is what I thought about when I created this pattern. It's a bit like a colouring book for grown-ups :)
And have you voted for your Colour of the Year yet? You can find the candidates on colourlovers.


First selfmade yarn rocks!

 It really does.

It's so bulky and uneven.... and I hope that after a little bath it will be less scratchy. :)

I didn't even try the normal, simple ply technique but started with the navajo method which worked fine. Even better than the spinning itself ;)

While my yarn is taking a bath and will be drying in the sun, I'm already choosing new fibers - I'm already looking forward to working with beautiful colors... Green. GREEN! *sigh*

I have no idea what I'll do with this selfmade yarn, but I'm sure I gonna find a nice little project. Maybe an amigurumi? I saw a knit cat somewhere... Hmmm :)

Meanwhile I already plied my second yarn - it's so soft and fluffy. I love it.. And it looks way better than the first :)


[Rezept] Knoblauchbonbons

I have to admit that I find crochet pot holders terrible and totally old-fashioned. But that's only because I never ever saw a pair in bright colours and with a beautiful pattern. I have images of grey and neon-eggshell-coloured pot holders in front of my inner eye. Waaah...

But then - thanks to the world wide wonderful web - I found this pattern over at BitterSweet (once again...). YUMMY!!!!

This is how I decorated a large glass of garlic in oil. Yep - it was a goodbye-present for my dear friend Lea who left Belgium before I did.
But now that I show you the picture I can imagine my selfmade orange jam decorated like that, too!

Want garlic?
What you need:
  • 5 garlic bulbs
  • 0.5l white wine
  • 100ml white wine vinegar
  • 75g sugar
  • 2 mini chilis
  • rosemary, thyme, peppercorns
  • 4 bay leaves
  • salt
  • 100ml olive oil
Peel the garlic. Mix all ingredients and let them cook for 15min. Pour it into glasses, close them and wait one week before tasting the garlic goodness :)


This little baby birdie rocks!

I made him during my 12 months stay in Belgium when I explored crocheting after having learned to knit. I was working for the Belgian scout association in Brussels as a European Volunteer. Nice time, great memories - and as I said, it's there that my interest in crafting, sewing, crocheting and knitting began. Now this little baby birdie was the first amigurumi I ever made. I'm still totally in love with him :D

You can find the pattern over at BitterSweet (and some yummy recipes, too!)


Life's colourful! #2

Hey everybody,

I'm still planning to finally start the Brain Waves project. I love the pattern and I haven't made a crochet hat so far. But: I cannot choose the yarn colours!!! I really, really can't!

Here are my combinations. What do you think?


Color by COLOURlovers


Color by COLOURlovers


Color by COLOURlovers


Color by COLOURlovers

Hmm... I really like all of them :/

Update: I chose the last version - only the green is a bit darker. It was really hard to find yarn for hook size I (5.5) that wouldn't cost a fortune :/ But I'm happy with my choice.

Here's what I did today:


Life's colourful! #1

Have I ever mentioned, I love love loooove colours? There are so many beautiful colours in this world. I thought about starting a series about my favourite colours and combinations.

Combinating colours is so important for your creative projects. You can be a genius knitter but if you use the "wrong" (it's a matter of taste, of course!) colours, it doesn't look good. I know that there are rules for using colours and each has a special meaning, produces a certain reaction in people, ... I'm really curious about exploring this whole new world and share it with you :)

My favourite colour for the moment is green.


I called this one "spring green" because it's so fresh and a bit surprising. If you look at it for longer you can see the yellow and with it something activating. I'd love to colour the wall of my bedroom like this... :)

For all the colourlovers out there: Did you know...?

It's a community for all the colour fanatics around the world. You can create and share colors and palettes and, which is most fun: patterns. You should give it a try :) Add me as, surprise!, tofutrulla.


Grain pillows rock!

I am proud to participate in the German creative blog hopping. So some words to my German speaking visitors ;)

Schön, dass ihr auf meine Seite gehopst seid! Auf "Tofutrulla rocks" gibt's meine kreativen Eskapaden zu lesen und zu sehen und nebenbei auch den ein oder anderen Linktipp oder auch selbstgeschriebene Anleitungen... Seht euch in Ruhe um, hinterlasst Kommentare (gern auch auf Deutsch), kommt wieder... Ich würde mich freuen!

Two weeks ago we celebrated my mom's 50th birthday. I guess, she feels pretty old now, but I can assure you she doesn't look like that at all :) My dad and her went to the sea side for some days - their first vacation after at least 6 years, would you believe?!

So now my task was to find something that could make her feel like on vacation every day. And over at Natron&Soda I found this wonderful relaxing grain pillow. It's filled with organic spelt and if you put it into the microwave for some minutes it will warm you all night long. Simple and comfy :)

I even made a pillow case for it and my mom recognised the fabric I used: My great-grandma made her sheets from it when she was a baby!

If you ever decide to make a grain pillow like this, be sure to have a kitchen scale to weigh the little portions of grain. I didn't, so I had to use a letter scale and weigh 50g + 50g + 50g ... And sometimes I'd forget whether I had 150g already or only 100g...

Sooo, das war's von mir! Wenn's euch gefallen hat, könnt ihr mich ja "verfolgen" und mal wieder besuchen. Ansonsten schick ich euch jetzt weiter zu Marmelinchens Blog. (Übrigens auch eine Schleswig-Holsteinerin ;) )

A weekend at home rocks!

My grandma used to visit an old lady in the neighborhood. She helped her to eat, to put on her clothes, to wash herself and so many other things that needed to be done in her household. In summer they would sit in the garden and knit.
When this woman died, my grandma got all her knitting stuff, so many sock needles and also some leftover yarn. I convinced her to start knitting socks for she never learned it when she was younger. One of her friends helped her and now she's producing socks for the whole family :D
And that's where I got this blue sock yarn from...

I always dreamed of a lacy stole but since blue isn't my color but mom's, I decided to make her this easy one... I hope she'll enjoy :)

I enjoy the time at home very much. It's great to breathe, smell and see the nature around our little house. All the fields, the pretty green grass, the trees, the delicious fruits in the garden... I love it. Every weekend I spend home at my parent's is like a little vacation trip...
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