well, spinning would rock if I had better skills...

After passing my Hebraicum (this "little, uncomplicated, non-stressing and absolute easy Classical Hebrew test for theology students) I bought two things as a reward from me to myself (hey, I even got a 1 (best grade) in the oral part of the test!)):

  1. the 50mm prime lense for my Canon EOS 450D - and I love, love, loooove it!!! (and its price, 100€, too!)
  2. a little package from Das Wollschaf ("the wool sheep") containing some white sock yarn (for my first attempts at dyeing), the hand spinning starter kit with a hand spindle and three different fibers plus some cotton
I admit, I bought this because I love everything handmade and the idea of a scarf dyed, spun and knit all by myself inspires me much. I wish I could have the sheep as well :D

I knew it wasn't easy and experts are not made in a day... but mamma mia!!! I can spin for hours and it doesn't seem to become any better! I'm still producing something between spaghetti, maccheroni and sometimes even tortiglioni. It's pretty depressing. I'm even sorry for the animal who had to give its fur for something this ugly.
Still I'm not giving up! I haven't even produced my own (ugly and depressing) yarn yet for you need at least two single yarns to ply them. I don't even know what I'm spinning here... :D

You know, I'm pretty grateful for all the people out there who share their skills with us. The internet's like a great school for everyone and everything. Wanna learn to knit? There's a lady from Austria who teaches the most fun patterns you can imagine. Wanna find new patterns? Visit the ravelry community (and share your patterns, too!). And think about the millions, zillions recipes you can find online! How many times did they save my life (and dinner)?!

And for spinning I found this sympathical person who explains everything you need to know over and over again in her youtube videos.

And some fun and interesting links about spinning and wool stuff (many of them in German, sorry ;) ):


  1. Hang in there, the first spinning attempt is always like that. :-)
    I gave up on the spindle because I couldn't get it going. It frustrated me that the spindles for beginners are so slow and do not spin long enough. I think I will sooner or later I'll get myself a better one.

    After my poor results on the spindle, i took a class on wheel spinning: MUCH better! I love it. :-)

  2. Hey hey,

    thanks for your kind words :) You're right of course... It's always about practicing! I plied that yarn now - and it's kinda bulky. But anyways, I made it! And I used all of the kind of wool I had. My new attempt looks way better, not only because it's not so uneven anymore but also because I use a different fibre which is way better and sooo soft... I'd like to know what exactly it is. It's one of those test things I got when I bought the spindle.

    Yeah wheel spinning sounds more relaxing because you can use both hands for the spinning and the wheel keeps turning unlike the spindle... I'm still park-and-drafting...


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