Scouting rocks!

Four years ago I met those two scouts who built their camp just outside the house we had rented for our confirmation trip. Three months later our christian youth group became scouts as well... We simply fell in love with the idea of the greatest peaceful youth organisation on earth. Did you know that we're 6 Mio scouts all over the world? Isn't that incredible?

The most special thing about scouting - at least in Germany - in comparison to other youth groups: The young people lead themselves. The older are responsible for the younger, everybody takes care for each other. They're independant and don't need any adults to tell them what to do. They decide for themselves. The patrol leaders are seldom more than 3 years older than the group itself. Children learn so much if you just let them try. Learning by doing is our motto - and it's so much more effective than learning at school!

One of those scouts we met became my pen pal, we often exchange our newest adventures not even via Facebook or ICQ but also in long letters. We swap badges from our last camps - and I had the idea of sewing a little bag for all the treasures. It's not the master piece ever but I hope he'll enjoy my mail :)

I forgot about all the fun you have writing real letters on real paper with real pens.... Should do that more often!

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