well, spinning would rock if I had better skills...

After passing my Hebraicum (this "little, uncomplicated, non-stressing and absolute easy Classical Hebrew test for theology students) I bought two things as a reward from me to myself (hey, I even got a 1 (best grade) in the oral part of the test!)):

  1. the 50mm prime lense for my Canon EOS 450D - and I love, love, loooove it!!! (and its price, 100€, too!)
  2. a little package from Das Wollschaf ("the wool sheep") containing some white sock yarn (for my first attempts at dyeing), the hand spinning starter kit with a hand spindle and three different fibers plus some cotton
I admit, I bought this because I love everything handmade and the idea of a scarf dyed, spun and knit all by myself inspires me much. I wish I could have the sheep as well :D

I knew it wasn't easy and experts are not made in a day... but mamma mia!!! I can spin for hours and it doesn't seem to become any better! I'm still producing something between spaghetti, maccheroni and sometimes even tortiglioni. It's pretty depressing. I'm even sorry for the animal who had to give its fur for something this ugly.
Still I'm not giving up! I haven't even produced my own (ugly and depressing) yarn yet for you need at least two single yarns to ply them. I don't even know what I'm spinning here... :D

You know, I'm pretty grateful for all the people out there who share their skills with us. The internet's like a great school for everyone and everything. Wanna learn to knit? There's a lady from Austria who teaches the most fun patterns you can imagine. Wanna find new patterns? Visit the ravelry community (and share your patterns, too!). And think about the millions, zillions recipes you can find online! How many times did they save my life (and dinner)?!

And for spinning I found this sympathical person who explains everything you need to know over and over again in her youtube videos.

And some fun and interesting links about spinning and wool stuff (many of them in German, sorry ;) ):


Turtles rock!

Instead of doing my Hebrew homework or repeating Greek vocabulary I made this little guy. Isn't he cute?
And the bowl of gooseberries... delicous!!! I love summer :)

It only took me 2 hours to crochet and sew everything together. The pattern is from Crochetville.
And you can find him over at Ravelry.

Oh, and it's "Made by you Monday" over at Skip to my Lou's :)


Scouting rocks!

Four years ago I met those two scouts who built their camp just outside the house we had rented for our confirmation trip. Three months later our christian youth group became scouts as well... We simply fell in love with the idea of the greatest peaceful youth organisation on earth. Did you know that we're 6 Mio scouts all over the world? Isn't that incredible?

The most special thing about scouting - at least in Germany - in comparison to other youth groups: The young people lead themselves. The older are responsible for the younger, everybody takes care for each other. They're independant and don't need any adults to tell them what to do. They decide for themselves. The patrol leaders are seldom more than 3 years older than the group itself. Children learn so much if you just let them try. Learning by doing is our motto - and it's so much more effective than learning at school!

One of those scouts we met became my pen pal, we often exchange our newest adventures not even via Facebook or ICQ but also in long letters. We swap badges from our last camps - and I had the idea of sewing a little bag for all the treasures. It's not the master piece ever but I hope he'll enjoy my mail :)

I forgot about all the fun you have writing real letters on real paper with real pens.... Should do that more often!


Organic cuffs rock!

I admit: I love organic cotton yarn. It's my fave material to knit from. It's so soft and often the colors are extremely beautiful...

I made these cuffs during my one year long stay in Brussels, Belgium.
The colors reminded me of autumn in my hometown in Northern Germany, near the North Sea.
In that season our trees are bright yellow and red, it's stormy outside and it often rains. Nobody wants to be outside but inside the house it's the most comfy season of the year. You put on a fire in the fire place, drink tea with special sugar, the cat purrs beside you and you enjoy a good book - while you listen to the rain patter...

You can find the pattern over at creativeyarn. I made several of these and sent them home to my friends :)

Baby beanies rock!

One of my fellow students had her baby recently :) Little Anouk has the most beautiful baby eyes you can imagine!

When she was still in her mama's belly, everybody was sure she would be a boy. They even chose the name "Kasimir" for her... and so I created this very simple baby beanie also named Kasimir.

You can download the pattern here // hier kannst du die deutsche Anleitung herunterladen.

And here's its ravelry page!

This babybeanie fits newborns with a head circumference of ca. 40cm (15,8 inch). If you want to knit them for a bigger baby, just choose thicker yarn or cast on more stitches – this pattern is so easy, it won't be a problem to adjust it!

You can use all your yarn leftovers for this little baby beanie!

  • Schachenmayr Catania white
  • Schachenmayr Catania color plantage
  • Double-pointed needles No 2,5 (US 1)
  • tapestry needle


st = stitch
r = row
k = knit
p = purl


Knitted in the round!

cast on 26st per needle (=104st) with Catania white

1.-10. r = 2k, 2p in Catania white
change to Catania color plantage

11.-40. r = k

Decrease in R41 and following: Knit together the two sts in the middle and the last two sts on every needle until there are only 2 sts left on each needle.

Sew the last sts with tapestry needle.

- Please do not sell this pattern. But you can surely sell the hats you made from this pattern -

Blogging rocks!

Okay, world. Here I am.

This will be just another weblog about crafting - knitting, crocheting and, since very recently, sewing.

I cannot tell what I'm up to yet, because I don't know myself. But this will be great! (and colorful, and cute, and lovely, and ... expensive when I think about all the fabric and yarn I need to buy... waaaah... I'm addicted...)

But I'm pretty sure - this will rock :)

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